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Översättning: ”Henrik var besviken”

Fick för mig att snabböversätta en ÖA artikel idag, om hur Daniel Sedin ser fram emot att spela med Nicklas Bäckström – som ju är en av stjärnorna för mina Washington Capitals.


”Henrik was disappointed”

No Henrik Sedin, but instead it’s going to be an old friend and a new acquaintance. It’s going to be really fun to play with ”Bäckis,” he and Henrik think about hockey in about the same way, says Daniel Sedin.

After an almost ten-hour flight across the Atlantic, a little rest, and some evening exercise it was a happy Daniel Sedin who met with the press. But he was also very tired.

But now we get going, and it is going to be very fun” said Daniel, who had time to say bye to his brother Henrik before he got on the plane. “Henrik was with us on our road trip, and he tried to play but couldn’t. Of course he was very disappointed, because he had really been looking forward to this tournament” said Daniel. This means that for the first time since 2001, when Daniel had a herniated disc, the two brothers won’t represent the Three Crowns at the same time in a major tournament.

This has meant that Pär Mårts [Swedish coach] had to scare up a new playmate for Daniel and [the Bruins’] Loui Eriksson. The choice fell on Washington’s star center Nicklas Bäckström. “It will be fine. Bäckis and Henrik are quite similar in their style of play, they think about hockey in the same way, and both want to play the puck a lot. But I’ve never played with him, and so I look forward to this”, says Daniel and then says that he has Alexander Edler as a roommate now that Henrik is at home in Vancouver.

How’s the form, you’ve had goal drought all of January?

Goal wise it could have gone better, but the gameplay has gone okay and my body feels okay. But then we’ve also had an incredible number of injuries on the team and it’s tough to lose. Those types of things are bad for your self-confidence,” Daniel continues. “Our responsibility in the Canucks is to produce goals, and the whole time it’s about performing.

Coach Pär Mårts acknowledges that the injuries to Johan Franzen and Henrik Sedin messed things up, and he had to think in completely new ways when he transformed the team. Among other things, this means that Henrik Zetterberg will come in at center between Alexander Steen and Gabriel Landeskog, and that the third line consists of Daniel Alfredsson, Patrik Berglund, and Gustav Nyquist – who was called up as a reserve, but who is now going straight onto the team. The fourth line, which will serve as relief, consists of Carl Hagelin, Marcus Krüger, and surprise sensation Jimmie Ericsson [from Skellefteå in the SHL]. This means that Jacob Silfverberg and Marcus Johansson are placed outside the team.

That Loui and Daniel haven’t scored in a while is no problem. I have asked them to conceal their form,” says Pär Mårts and smiles broadly.



Där mossan var len

En av dom mest välbesökta sidorna på min webplats är den där jag har texterna till många olika sånger. Nu över midsommar så kom det massor med besökare som letade efter en översättning av Visa vid Midsommartid. Så jag gjorde en översättning med noteringar som jag just lagt upp. På engelska så blir texten ungefär så här (passar inte musiken, jag översätter texten för att få så nära rätt mening som jag kan):

Song at Midsummertime

You bind from guelder roses a midsummer garland and drape it around your hair.
You laugh at the Man in the Moon’s bone-white sheen, [where he is] standing high above the pines.
Tonight you shall dance by Svartrama tarn, in the long-dance, in the leap-dance on red-hot irons.
Tonight, you are invited by the mist to dance, where Ull-Stina, Kull-Lina walk.

Now you take the moon [down] from the crest of the blue mountain, to give you a halo’s glow.
And the spawn that’s been conceived in the sludge of the ponds, become steeds with flying legs.
Now you go to Mosslinda, Mosslunda marsh, where Ull-Stina, Kull-Lina, Gullfina dwell.
Tonight you will fall asleep at Svartrama pond, where the night and the moss is soft.